Tiger and Smart Ass


Smartass, wearing serious ear bling and a ‘do rag, delivers a box to Tiger. For a tip, Tiger, always generous, strips down, pushes the deliveryman back on the mattress and feeds him dick—way more than just the tip  Tiger gets Smartass’s pants down, rolls him up on his back, fingers his butthole and lubes it up. It’s a difficult entry but Tiger plunges on and Smartass, on his hands and knees, pushes back. Finally inside the deliveryman’s ass, Tiger smacks it and he’s off. As Tiger porks him, Smartass’s heavy dick wags and drips. When Tiger gets tired he sinks onto Smartass and only moves his hips but mostly he fucks like a madman until he pulls his pole out, strokes it and leaves the deliveryman his sticky tip—liquid bling! 

Tiger and Smart AssTiger and Smart AssTiger and Smart Ass