Tiger Tyson Secrets


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The best, hottest, wildest most animalistic sex is usually the sex you can't tell anyone about, either on the Down Low or about major betrayal or else, it's so damn dirty you're ashamed to admit what you've done, even to yourself! Tiger's sexual adventures span the US from NY to LA, Texas to Philly. Unchecked lust erupts in the most unexpected places.Tiger gives newbie Carter a lesson in deep throating. Peanut Butta explores Chaos's unique cock sucking abilities. Black and Ransom hook up after a photo shoot in LA. In NY, bottom Shorty Ruff turns the tables on Timberland. Tiger does Ludacris, who no one has fucked. For those of you who love toe sucking, we've also given you something to chew on with Tiger Tyson Secrets.