Titan and Loverboy


On the couch Titan and Loverboy are fighting over the remote.  Loverboy resolves the argument when he takes a dive for the big thick dick hanging out in Titan’s boxers and sucks it even bigger.  When Loverboy deep-throats Titan, he makes lots of noise.  The guys lose their clothes and still Loverboy is blowing.  When Loverboy bends himself over the couch so he can get porked from behind, he makes even more noise.  After he gets nailed on the floor, Loverboy sits on Titan’s thick tool and takes a ride.  When at last Titan stands and unloads all over Loverboy’s chest, Loverboy too is busy unloading all over himself.   Perfect timing—it must be lust! 


Titan and LoverboyTitan and LoverboyTitan and Loverboy