Tommy Long and Mr. Amazing


Tommy Long finds an electronic key to a fancy hotel room and drags his buddy Mr. Amazing to check it out. Tommy decides the room is a perfect setting for a blowjob. With his sleek black body, buzzed head and ear stud, Tommy is an imposing presence—and Mr. Amazing? Well, he’s down on his knees, bobbing his head up and down on Tommy’s longboard—even after it gets so big it chokes him. Tommy positions himself behind Amazing, fingers the guy’s spread azz and finally splits it in half with big slick thug dick. Mr. Amazing grunts and sweats but takes it all. Soon he’s so hungry for dick that he’s riding Tommy’s love-gun, guiding it so it hits the spot only a long hard cock can reach. Mr. Amazing only pulls off Tommy’s pogo stick when he’s ready to pop. He bites Tommy’s nip as both guys spray a mess of mancream all over their tight, rippling bodies.

Tommy Long and Mr. AmazingTommy Long and Mr. AmazingTommy Long and Mr. Amazing