Tone Tone


Tone is a Hispanic Puerto Rican Casanova smooth groove operator who lives on the northwest side of Chicago where Tone always has to be aware of enemies who might want to kill him for crimes he has done in the past. Tone's neighbors are full of thugs who thirst to kill one another and he is one of their main targets; Tone also enjoys the ruff life of fighting, killing, and to challenge rival gangs in games of basketball on the court, and smoking bundles of marijuana blunts. In the process of him getting drunk and smoking out of his mind, he loves to get his dick sucked, likes to trap gang members unexpectedly, so he can beat the hell out of them in dark alleys during gang wars, to hear the gang thugs beg for mercy. Tone loves him, scrapping his head to shove his phat dick down that bitch trap to hear him choke with fear and sorrow, hoping he won't get ravaged by his worse nightmare. This bitch ass thug boy pleading with the ruthless Tone to stop, but things only got more aggressive with what he was doing, ripping off the boy's pants and boxers to bend him over down on his knees, smacking that Latin cock all over the booty, to prepare for a good fuck, Tone got the gang thug ass wet with his spit to slide his cock into da ass, to bang the fire out of him, to hear him scream loud like a bitch. Reality is, this thug boy ending up being Tone's main gangster bitch and was pleased with all the dick he was getting every night. (You can't resist but like it!)

Tone ToneTone ToneTone Tone