Toney Star + Twon


Twon owes Toney Star some coin but he’s coming up short. Toney suggests Twon gives up some dick instead, to which Twon says, “I’ve never done that before. I’m not sure how to do it.” Toney laughs and, while taking Twon’s cock out of his pants, replies, “It’s easy. I’ll show you how.” With that said, the two get extraordinarily passionate. For a novice, Twon’s got all the moves down pat. He lies on top of Toney, French kissing the randy thug, until the two sexy playaz strip naked and show off all their moves. For a dude who’s never fucked another dude before, Twon is an awesome top, power fucking Toney in positions guaranteed to give both the most bang for their buck. The horny top almost crawls all the way up inside Toney’s pliable asshole; he’s so worked up and in too deep to stop until it’s finally time for the money shot! Both good-looking newcomers work it, generating plenty of real sexual heat that’s guaranteed to have you nutting right along with them.

Toney Star + TwonToney Star + TwonToney Star + Twon