Treshawn Valentino and D’Rell


When Treshawn Valentino spots D’Rell by the side of the road, looking glum, he discovers the problem is that D’Rell caught his boyfriend and their best friend fucking! Treshawn knows a quick cure, which involves beer and a blowjob. D’Rell agrees, saying “I sure hope this works. I ain’t had no good dick in a long time.” T’s ten inch ebony rod fits perfectly into D’Rell’s mouth. D’Rell’s got a thing for toe sucking, and he works Treshawn’s foot like it was a cock, snaking his tongue into every sensitive crevice. T’s dick just gets harder until he can’t stand it anymore and pushes D’Rell’s face into the couch, mounting him from behind, pounding his ass with fast, strong strokes that cause his bottom boi to scream in pleasure. Soon he flips him, working D’Rell’s plump butt to his advantage. Treshawn is a strong top and he knows how to plumb every inch of D’Rell’s tight chute. As he fucks him in a multitude of positions he asks, “So is payback a bitch or what?” D’Rell agrees as T’s huge dick spits a mess of gooey cum all over his face.

Treshawn Valentino and D’RellTreshawn Valentino and D’RellTreshawn Valentino and D’Rell