Mr Trill and Jezzy


In the shower, Mr. Trill is soaping up the long black hose that’s hanging between his legs. When Jezzy comes in, he turns down an invitation to suck Trill’s dick but hops in the shower to wash the dude’s back. Both guys have smoking bodies, long, thick cocks and big firm asses. And guess what? As soon as Trill’s dick starts to swell in Jezzy’s hand, he sucks it anyway. How big and hard it gets! And Trill knows just what to do with it. After he’s fingered Jezzy’s hole, Trill sits on the edge of the tub and sits Jezzy down on his upstanding fuck pole. With Jezzy impaled, Trill pulls him to his feet and fucks him against the wall of the shower stall. Later he lays Jezzy out on the vanity, spreads him wide and pokes his hole like a piston that’s out of control. When it’s over, Trill squirts a thick stream of jizz over Jezzy’s shoulder. The camera closes in for a shot of Trill’s remarkable tool, still stiff, plenty sticky, and hey, it’s waving at us!

Mr Trill and JezzyMr Trill and JezzyMr Trill and Jezzy