Troy Penetrator and Vaughn


Two hard-bodied studs, Troy Penetrator and Vaughn, kick back on the bed. Penetrator brags how he just robbed a bank. Now that he's got Vaughn's attention, he pushes his pants down over the big black beast that's been hiding out-that really grabs Vaughn's eye. His mouth follows. Vaughn takes the big fat licorice stick to the root. His lips tug the chocolate foreskin over the big pink gumdrop head. Little by little the guys lose their clothes, but somehow it just gets hotter. Penetrator pushes Vaughn's face into the pillow, lies on top of him and earns his tag. Once Penetrator is securely up to his nuts in azz, he pounds away. Then he turns Vaughn around, pushes his knees to his chest and drills him to the core. Even when Vaughn sits on the dick, Penetrator grabs his waist and does the thrusting. After Penetrator creams on Vaughn's belly, Vaughn just has to touch his own dick and it's spitting joy-juice, adding to the happy mess Penetrator made.

Troy Penetrator and VaughnTroy Penetrator and VaughnTroy Penetrator and Vaughn