Tyrese and Peter Piper











Sweet, light-skinned and slender, Peter Piper looks both shy and sly.  He’s bringing a bouquet of flowers to Tyrese, a big black slab of beef who’s in the hospital after a fight.  But Tyrese, already tenting the bedsheet, doesn’t want flowers but a blowjob.  Peter is happy to oblige, smiling as he sucks on Tyrese’s enormous fuckpole.  Tyrese gives Peter directions and coaxes his cocksucker out of his clothes.  Peter has a tight, young body just ripe for the plucking.   Tyrese sits him back on the bed, licks his pretty pink dick, laps at his heavy balls and flips him over to tongue out his asscrack.  Tyrese gets Peter’s hole so sloppy there’s only one thing to do with it: plug it full of thug dick.  Peter grunts and takes it all and soon Tyrese, standing on the floor, is rearing back and slamming everything he’s got into his cute fucktoy.  Peter howls but Tyrese pushes him down onto the bed, opens him wide and hammers him side-saddle.  Soon both guys know they gotta blow.  Tyrese unloads on his boi’s pretty face as Peter pops onto his belly

Tyrese and Peter PiperTyrese and Peter PiperTyrese and Peter Piper