Vaughn and Shooter


Sly, tight-bodied Vaughn has the hots for big, pumped Shooter, but the dude thinks he’s straight. Vaughn asks Shooter to look at his “broken” computer. Wow, it’s showing porn, but where are the girls? Vaughn has something better in mind, talking Shooter out of his pants and sucking his friend to attention. As Shooter lies back, the camera caresses his big meaty pecs and hard abs. Vaughn parks his own meaty ass on Shooter’s upstanding flagpole. Dude likes it! He pushes Vaughn down onto his face and skewers him to the bed, then folds his friend in two and pounds harder. Vaughn calls out in sweet pain. When Shooter can take no more, he shows us how he earned his name, pulls his fat pole out and shoots an enormous amount of cream all over his happy victim. Vaughn, as he recovers, can only caress the fat sticky fuck tool that just did him so good.

Vaughn and ShooterVaughn and ShooterVaughn and Shooter