Viper, Carmello and Lil Jay


Viper is on the bench press and his buddy Carmello is spotting him. Cute Lil Jay comes in to do some cardio work. When Viper asks the young guy if he wants to pump iron, Lil Jay makes it clear he wants something meatier. He finds it in Carmello’s shorts. As Lil Jay sucks Carmello stiff, Carmello turns and wrap his lips around Viper’s long piece. This juicy double-suck continues until Carmello flips over on the bench and Viper hammers his ass from behind even as insatiable Jay continues to hum on Carmello’s knob. Of course Viper gets a piece of Lil Jay’s ass too, bending him over the couch as Carmello stuffs him full of dick from the other end. When Viper mounts Carmello a second time, he fucks a thick stream of cream out of him. Then Viper pulls out and blows a load of his own. What a stud that Viper is! Every man he fucks gives up his nut even before his fucker does. Guess that’s why they call him Lord of the Pinga.

Viper, Carmello and Lil JayViper, Carmello and Lil JayViper, Carmello and Lil Jay