Viper and Chaos


Viper might be the new boy in town, but with his soul patch and smooth delivery, he sweet-talks his buddy Chaos into showing him all the skills he’s been bragging about. These include sucking a mean dick, even when it’s as mad thick as Viper’s. Viper just lies back and holds onto his buddy’s bobbing head. When Chaos pushes his pants down, Viper understands what the rest of his skill set includes, and he’s ready to put it to the test. Viper’s fat snake just about splits Chaos open. Once Viper has a secure berth up his buddy’s ass, he shifts into high drive. At least when Chaos sits on Viper’s pole he has a little control. The guy fucks himself happy—and Viper is feeling no pain either. Proof is in the seed Viper sprays all over the furrow he’s just plowed. Chaos himself creams off all over his hard belly. 

Viper and ChaosViper and ChaosViper and Chaos