Viper and Jazz


Viper is cooling off in a pool out back, stroking slow, when Jazz knocks at the front door, a long hose coiled around one shoulder. Viper invites the poolboy in. Even before he’s out of his clothes, Jazz is bending to suck on Viper’s big floating blimp. “Isn’t that better than working?” Viper asks as Jazz’s greedy mouth skins his client’s big pink cockhead back and gives it a lip massage. When Jazz strips he shows a big lush booty for such a lean boy. The suck-job resumes with Jazz in the pool and Viper reaching down to finger the hole he really wants to be plugging. Inside the house Viper bends Jazz over and impales him, then turns him around so he can look him in the eye as he pounds away. Jazz is so jazzed that he’s soon squirting jizz all over. All Viper can do now is pull out and hose down the overheated pool boy.

Viper and JazzViper and JazzViper and Jazz