Viper and Onyx










In the middle of a heat wave, Viper is showing off the bling his girl has bought him, including a huge belt buckle that he claims is the length of his dick. Onyx bets the dick doesn’t measure up. He pulls Viper’s fat piece out of his shorts and sucks it hard just to prove it. But damn, that’s fuckin’ huge! Looks like the loser of this friendly wager has to lie back on the couch and take all 11 inches of the winner up the ass. Viper pumps hard. Best is when he tugs his buddy’s open ass up over the arm of the couch so he can drill as deep as he needs to. Onyx gasps and shoots his respects all over his belly, and Viper is right there with him. “It ain’t over yet!” he grunts as his pole continues exploding, and he’s right. Once this snake starts to spit it never wants to stop.


Viper and OnyxViper and OnyxViper and Onyx