Viper and Redd Foxx


Redd Foxx delivers Viper a LATE PIZZA. Sly Viper tells Redd Foxx he’ll have to work for his tip. When Viper pushes his shorts down, Redd Foxx drops to his knees to pay his respects. It’s as impressive a piece of manmeat as you’ll ever see, and the camera spends the rest of the scene catching it in action. After Viper feeds Redd Foxx more meat than he can handle, he leans the pizza boi over the kitchen table to tease his hole with the tip he promised. Then he rolls Redd Foxx over to stuff him with the whole fucking thing. Viper pounds on until both men are ready to blow. Stroking his enormous pole, Viper drops a load on Redd Foxx’s face as Redd Foxx drops one on his belly. This dude is drenched!

Viper and Redd FoxxViper and Redd FoxxViper and Redd Foxx