Voss and Exotic


Voss is in the shower. As he passes the soap over his perfect physique, the camera moves over every incredible muscle—giving special attention to Voss’s love muscle. When it starts to swell, the big guy decides he needs some help. He gives a yell and in no time Exotic is naked and on his knees, sucking on Voss’s big beefy dick as the shower pounds down on them both. Voss grabs Exotic by the head and fucks. His tight torso and meaty azz ripple from the effort. When Exotic gets to his feet again, he turns his pretty booty to Voss and bends over. Voss accepts the invitation and fills the bitch with big hard thug dick. Soon the shower stall is echoing with their grunts and groans and the slap of their bodies. Exotic wants to see how good he’s getting fucked, so he bends over the toilet and, when Voss mounts him from behind, holds a hand mirror under the center of the action. Voss flips Exotic onto his back, rams him deep and doesn’t stop until he pulls out and hoses Exotic down with jizz. Exotic nuts all over the mirror and proves to himself: getting nailed by a stud like Voss looks as hot as it feels.

Voss and ExoticVoss and ExoticVoss and Exotic