Voss and Rosco


Voss gets our vote for the hottest body in the porn industry today, tight and pumped, with just enough hair on his torso to let you see how sculpted those waves of muscle truly are. He has a cool, manly manner that his buzzed head and hard, shadowed jaw just reinforce. Lying in bed in his undershorts, he’s bitching about this crummy motel room, the mounds of his pecs and hard-ridged stomach rippling to his every move. Rosco comes in from the bathroom and quickly makes everything better, reaching for Voss’s well-packed crotch, fetching his big bone out into the open and bobbing his head up and down on it. When Voss talks dirty his virile voice drips sex. He stands on the bed to hump his kneeling cocksucker’s throat even deeper—and to show us how his wide shoulders taper to his narrow waist. Rosco, with his lean body and big booty, turns and braces himself against the wall for full anal invasion. Voss fucks like he looks, his every muscle—and they are countless—flexing to help his hips deliver one pounding thrust after the other. The only soundtrack to this grueling fuck comes from the slap of Voss’s body into Rosco’s big azz and Rosco’s ragged breathing—which becomes non-stop moaning as Voss’s unrelenting fuckstroke picks up speed. Under such an assault Rosco just has to nut, and he does it all over. Voss pulls out of Rosco’s clutching fuckchute and sprays a load as enormous as he is all over his bottom boi’s face and chest.

Voss and RoscoVoss and RoscoVoss and Rosco