Rod Williams and Rudy Scott


Rod Williams wants to work as an escort and Rudy Scott is conducting the interview. He has Rod strip of course. Rod has a luscious chocolate-colored body, a big dick, a firm round booty. Dude’s flexible too. But his first real test is sucking a cock the size of Rudy’s. He takes it down to the root and gets it hard. Rudy grabs Rod’s head and fucks it till Rod is spilling drool. Then he flips Rod onto his back, with his head hanging over the edge of the bed so Rudy can really open this throat, stuffing it full of thug dick until Rod sounds like he’s gonna choke. Rudy has mercy on the guy, kinda, tossing him facedown onto the bed and plugging his big meaty azz instead. No matter which end he’s banging, Rudy talks a non-stop stream of filth. As his fast-moving hips pin Rod to the mattress, he twists the guy’s head and fucks him across the bed and up the wall. Rod holds onto the headboard for dear life. Rudy at last pulls out of Rod and creams his newest escort’s face. Rod’s enormous rod spits up a healthy load of its own.

Rod Williams and Rudy ScottRod Williams and Rudy ScottRod Williams and Rudy Scott