Yello Boi and Colture


Yellow Boi is bragging about his bitch. Thugzilla wants to see just how good Colture is. Plan is: at Yellow Boi’s crib Thugzilla will tape the guys fucking. If he likes what he sees he might take Colture off Yellow Boi’s hands. When Thugzilla examines Colture, it’s for sure the dude’s got azz, and lots of it. He shows he’s got mouth too, chowing down on Yellow’s joystick until he’s told to bend over the couch. This apprentice bitch has no problem taking orders from two directions or surrendering his hole to Yellow, who stuffs it full of dick and bangs away. Later Colture sits on it and moves his ass up and down. Wanting to show Thugzilla who’s boss here, Yellow takes hold of his bitch’s legs, pins them back against his shoulders and pokes the wide-open hole over and over until both fuckers are hot to pop. They do. But instead of taking Yellow Boi’s bitch, Thugzilla takes the dude’s bling and goes.

Yello Boi and ColtureYello Boi and ColtureYello Boi and Colture